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Have you Hired the Right Company for Your Sacramento Cleaning Services?

There are many reasons that businesses outsource Sacramento Cleaning Services. One is that employees are not trained or don't have the time to clean up their office, or don't know what cleaning supplies are the best for things for bathrooms, for example. Cleaning service and building maintenance companies can be a valuable asset for businesses, and can do a variety of different things.

But no matter how hard you try to hire the right Sacramento cleaning services for your business, you may find out later that the company isn't as good as you originally thought. One of the signs you should look for is that they don't arrive at your business on schedule, or worse yet, they don't arrive at all.

You will immediately know that your cleaning service hasn't shown up if you find trash cans that are still full, if your carpeted reception area hasn't been vacuumed, or if your bare floors have not been swept or mopped.

It is important to have your bathrooms cleaned every day. If a cleaning service doesn't clean bathrooms regularly, this can create a health hazard not only to your clients, but also to your employees as well. Some cleaning companies only do half the job, like just cleaning toilets, or just the sinks. They may neglect the walls or floors, or don't empty the trash receptacles. This is another sure sign that the cleaning company you hired is not doing their job.

Instead of sending their own workers in to clean a business, a cleaning service may sometimes subcontract other workers to come in to the business and do the cleaning. When a Sacramento cleaning service company does this it is typically because they have spread themselves too thin by taking on too many jobs, and they are unable to do them all. Many times the subcontractors are not properly trained and have poor job skills. They may also steal from your business and unless you have a camera security setup, you might never know until it is too late.

If your office has a strong chemical smell when you arrive in the morning, chances are good that your cleaning service isn't using the correct cleaning products. They may even be using cleaning chemicals in certain places that they shouldn't. It might be that they are using the same cleaning products for the bathrooms and the other parts of the office. This practice leads to cross-contamination and can create several health issues.

Language barriers can be another type of problem that businesses sometimes face with cleaning services. If your cleaning company has employees that cannot speak English, you may have a number of problems when trying to communicate your cleaning needs. Although it's true that a business should not discriminate against anyone, if your cleaning service cannot understand your instructions, you have a problem.

If the person in charge of your cleaning company is always away on vacation or is otherwise not available when you need them, you should change to another cleaning service. You should not have to deal with any of these problems when so many other cleaning services will bend over backwards to get your business and make sure that your office is neat, clean and tidy, just the way you want it. If you are experiencing any of these cleaning company problems, or any other problems that are unresolved, then fire your Sacramento cleaning services and gives us a call instead.

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