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Cleaning Service Sacramento: Which Services Should be Offered?

When choosing a Sacramento cleaning service company you should definitely find out what services they offer. Some building maintenance companies offer a wide verity of service and others only offer a few. If is best to find a company that offers the services that will fit your needs.

  • Floor Buffing: If you want floor-buffing services in that you have hard tiled floors, make sure this is a service your Sacramento cleaning service company offers, too. This is especially important if you experience a lot of traffic in your building, such as if the building in question is a post office, school, large office building, and so on. How often do you want the floors buffed, and what's the best method to use?

  • Carpet Cleaning: Let's face it, the carpet in all types of buildings from restaurants to office building tends to get pretty dirty. You will want to check with your Sacramento cleaning service company to see that they have the proper equipment to handle your carpet cleaning needs.

  • General Office Cleaning: This is especially important as a service, because no matter your business, it's going to need to be done on a regular basis. If the building is particularly large, you'll probably want the maintenance company to come and clean every day. If you're smaller, and you don't have a lot of traffic, you may be able to have general cleaning done just a couple of days a week.

  • Window Cleaning: Some building maintenance companies may not offer window-cleaning services, while others will. In some cases, you may want window cleaning done as just an occasional service, in which case you can hire it to be done separately. In other cases, you may want it included in your regular maintenance package. If that's true, you will want to choose a cleaning service company that has window-cleaning service included in it; in some cases, a cleaning company may be able to subcontract the window cleaning for you.

  • Dusting: Dusting, including high dusting, is going to be necessary and will need to be done regularly so that buildings are clean and dust free. Not only is this necessary for general cleanliness and a professional appearance, but it gets rid of allergens that can make both clients and employees sick. This is a job all maintenance companies in general should be doing, so make sure the company you choose does high dusting as part of the cleaning services offered.

  • Wall-To-Wall Vacuuming: Of course, wall-to-wall vacuuming will need to be done in buildings on a regular basis, but make sure the maintenance company you choose actually does this. At least, make sure it's done weekly, if not more often.

  • Trash Service: Most good cleaning and maintenance companies offer trash pickup as part of their service. One of the considerations you'll need to figure out is who will pay for the trash bags. If the Sacramento cleaning service company is to provide the trash bags, make sure it's in the contract before you sign.

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